On paper, UCEPROTECT is an anti-spam party that blocks IP ranges based on misuse. In practice, their method of doing business is considered unethical by several providers in the industry. We believe the same. The reason for this conclusion is due to the fact that their delisting process involves paying a fee for a successful delisting.

You have probably reached this page because you’ve found your IP address on a ‘Real-time Blackhole List’ (RBL) through an online tool like MX Toolbox.

Does it impact your services?

Let’s cut right to the answer: there is little to worry about. Since mail clients rarely use this blacklist as an authority, the impact on your services is negligible. Our advice is to simply ignore the listing.

Other listings

Do you suspect your IP’s are listed on another blacklist? Or are you encountering issues with your e-mail delivery? We would recommend using a service like MX Toolbox to check the current status of any listings that might affect your services. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us here.


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